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the today show on nbc news. you are watching continuing coverage here on msnbc. this hour a teenage terror suspect closed down one of the nation's largest cities. we continue to watch live pictures from watertown, massachusetts as breaking news continues on the lockdown and unprecedented dragnet in and around boston. if you are just joining us, this changed over the last two hours. they are focusing on three and not two. a third person added as an accomplice. another ied and reports over an hour ago of that. and we are now hearing from people who are close to the suspects, getting a sense of who these men are. this is what we know. the entire city of boston and surrounding suburbs effectively shut down. the focus on suspect number two on the right part of your screen believed to be holed up somewhere in the pictures that we are showing you right now. he is now identified as 19-year-old zhokhar. number number one, his brother was 26-year-olds, tamerlan. one was born in curd stan and the other in russia. they have been living here in this country for about a decade. in watertown, nbc news ju
are much higher with a total of 100 patients reportedly being treated at five area hospitals. nbc news has been told that one of the two known fatal tis was an 8-year-old child. no suspect in custody, many people are being questioned. the u.s. attorneys office is working together with the fbi, atf and other state, local and federal law enforcement officials on the investigation. and nbc news is reporting that 460 national guardsmen are on site as well. a white house official says any event with multiple explosive devices is clearly an act of terror and will be approached as such. we'll talk about that. and earlier this evening, the president himself addressed the nation. >> we're continuing to monitor and respond to the situation as it unfolds. and i've directed the full resources of the federal government to help state and local authorities protect our people, increase security around the united states as necessary and investigate that. we still do not know who did this or why. and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but, make no mistake, we will get to the
questions. joining me today here in new york city, nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke russert, and misterrorism expert michael leiter, and bob herbert, a distinguished senior fellow at dimos. >>> let's go to kristin welker for more. >> reporter: alex, good afternoon. here's what we know at this hour. this letter was received yesterday at an off-site mail facility. i want to emphasize that. it did not get close to the white house. it's typical for letters sent to this facility to undergo a screening. during that process, it was discovered that a letter addressed to president obama did contain a suspicious substance action as you mentioned, similar to the letter that was sent to senator wicker. so right now secret service is working in concert with the fbi, with the capitol police, to determine exactly who sent this letter why and what the motive is. we are expecting press secretary jay carney to deliver his daily briefing. i want to make sure this is very clear. this was a scheduled briefing for 11:45, so we expect him to come out at any minute. he will undoubtedly get a number
bags. nbc news confirmed investigators are seeking at least one person who was seen on security video from a department store near the finish line. nbc reporting tonight that the man was seen leaving the bag that he was carrying near the site of the second explosion. among the evidence they are considering is this photo from nbc's boston affiliate whdh. you can see the spot shadow there. the photo appears to show a bag sitting on the curb and after the explosions, the bag is gone. any number of things could explain why the bag is gone. is this a clue, is this a signal, or is this noise? we do not yet know. investigators are beginning it piece together crucial information about the bombs themselves. metal containers and in one instance a pressure cooker stuffed with bits of metal intended to become scraps of metal. they found a lid of a pressure cooker on the roof from the blast. today, a report that new information is available about what was used to ignite the bomb. they say it was the kind of battery that you typically find in little remote-controlled cars made in china and sold by
would never be the same. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, west, texas. >>> just ahead for you, what oscar winner reese witherspoon did to get arrested and the university of notre dame football team has their eye on a whole different type of offense. next. >>> welcome back. on this monday morning, we're looking at a very quiet week of weather. beautiful conditions. but you definitely need the sunglasses if you head out, especially during any long drives. sunshine all the way up through portland. 70 degrees, beautiful weather today, continues the trend that you had over the weekend. of course, we are looking at coastal clouds. even as we go into tomorrow, it will have a repeat. i know we didn't get the -- see, it's a problem, richard. we still didn't get enough wet weather and snow pack in the west over the winter. now it looks like it's done. >> at least it will be fun in the sun. >> yeah. >> we'll take that. >>> in sports, to defend miami's opening round against milwaukee, chris andersen rolling to the hoop for the slam there. and reahn that cheering on the heat who crushed the bucks, 110
in boston, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> okay, terry, thanks for the update. >>> dozens of runners from the bay area flew to boston to participate in this marathon that included a martinez woman whose 11-year-old son was injured in the blast. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in martinez where she spoke with friends of the family. >> we're just trying to get through this. >> reporter: katherine hern is just trying to keep it together as her 11-year-old grandson, aaron, remains in intensive care in boston. aaron was hit by shrapnel monday as he waited for his mother to cross the boston marathon finish line. >> they are just kind of stabilizing him and will go back in tomorrow and finish taking care of the shrapnel injury. >> reporter: aaron was just six feet away from one of the blasts. his grandmother says he was so close, his hair was singed, and things were so chaotic, the ambulance took him away before his parents could process what had happened. >> after all that 26 miles, katherine ran, they had to walk from hospital to hospital to try to find aaron because they didn't kno
i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >>> the sheriff is facing pressure from the board of supervisors to stop sending the finger prints of arrested immigrants to the federal government. tomorrow there will be a resolution introduced. the sheriff tells nbc bay area he will continue to cooperate with the federal government saying he trusts the immigration service to do its job. the board of supervisors has no legal authority over the sheriff. >>> the town of atherton is sending the white house a bill of nearly $8,000. that is how much it cost for police and other security to protect president obama when he visited earlier this month. the president attended two events and raked in more than $3 million. atherton plans to send invoices to the white house, secret service, democratic national committee and the two house holds who hosted the private donor event. the president also stopped in san francisco but the city does not plan on charging him. >> it shows the long roads i have taken to get back to where i am. >>> ahead at 6:00 expressing themselves in a new way. why local
coverage, "nbc nightly news" from boston begins now. >> announcer: "terror in boston." this is "nbc nightly news with brian williams" reporting tonight from boston. >> well, good evening from boston, just a few blocks from where the explosions rocked the finish line at the boston marathon yesterday. it was a shocking event in the life of this city. today receiving, of course, widespread coverage as yet another terrorist incident in our post-9/11 era. here's where the toll stands tonight. three dead, 176 injured, 71 people are still hospitalized. 24 of them in critical condition. among the dead, a boston university grad student, an 8-year-old boy, martin richard, from dorchester and 29-year-old krystle campbell of medford, mass. we learned today the president will be coming here on thursday for an interfaith service. at the white house today flags were at half-staff, and we heard again from the president who, for the first time, used the word "terrorism" to describe what happened here. >> the fbi is investigating it as an act of terrorism. anytime bombs are used to target innocent civilians,
ago. joining frus boston, nbc news capitol hill correspondent luke russert. lou, where do we stand on this investigation this morning? >> reporter: good morning, bill. some fascinating developments over the last days of this suspect. you just mentioned right there he has become cooperative with investigators. he is still injured in the throat and tongue area. so he has not been able to speak. so he has been writing down his answers, essentially saying he and his brother acted alone. they were motivated by reledge just fervor. they have not had any contact outside the united states. they weren't operating from some terrorist cell abroad, essentially, penning it down to them being two lone wolves. some other interesting developments in that idea, how exactly were they able to figure out how to construct a bomb? well, they found that information out from the internet, saying they were able to read things on certain websites that enabled them to put those those bombs that ended up injuring three people and injuring dozens upon others. investigators and officials close to them tell nbc
website, and click on the audrie potts story. nbc bay area news. >> thank you. another local story involving teenagers. three of the five teenagers arrested in the fatal shooting of a san jose paramedic have been charged with murder and carjacking. a petition has also been filed to charge the thee as adults. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd joins us from police headquarters with an update. how is the community reacting to all of this? >> they are outraged, raj, and we are also learning that a sixth teenager is being interviewed in this case and sources tell nbc bay area that that teenage boy is 13 years old. you talk about the community. well, they are reacting tonight to the ages of the suspects. >> just so easy. it shakes my soul. >> reporter: ken houston says his soul is being shaken by the fact that so many teenagers have easy access to guns in oakland. >> you can go to district five, district six, district seven 30 minutes, 45 minutes. can you have a gun. can you get a gun for $300. >> reporter: five teenage boys between the ages of 14 and 16 are in juvenile hall tonight
. nbc news has not confirmed this independently. we're being very cautious and crediting it to the associated press. the ap says a suspect is about to be arrested. that's according to a law enforcement official briefed on the investigation but that official was not authorized to di vil j the details of the investigation. >> we will take a break and we will be straight back on cnbc. acceler-rental. at a hertz expressrent kiosk, you can rent a car without a reservation... and without a line. now that's a fast car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed all the symptoms... then he gave me some blood tests. showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number -- not just me. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% (testosterone gel). the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy, increases testosteron
combing the scene for pieces of evidence in an effort to put the bombs back together. nbc news chief justice correspondent pete williams has the very latest. >> reporter: investigators have begun the process of recovering tiny pieces of the bombs to learn how they were made. they say it appears the devices were assembled inside pressure cooker pots similar to this one, packed with bbs, ball bearings and nails. pressure cookers have been used for decades in terror bombings. instructions for making them appear on the internet, including just last month in an al qaeda magazine "inspire." investigators say the explosion in boston was smokeless powder, gunpowder like this available at sporting goods stores, not something more powerful like dynamite. and they believed they were carried in the scene in dark nylon bags and set off by timers. the area was checked twice for bombs but there was no security screening. >> because there is unrestricted access to the racecourse, simply because it's 28 miles long, people can come and go and bring items in and out. >> reporter: authorities searched t
was used as the delivery device for the explosives. law enforcement sources tell nbc news that the bombs were built to act like homemade ieds. and take a look at what remains of the black duffle back used to conceal the device. sources tell nbc news the bombs appeared to include a battery pack and the "boston globe" reporting investigators recovered part of a circuit board at the scene. the bombs were also packed with shrapnel to maximize damage and a black powder known as low explosive. in other words, the device was not capable of creating a massive blast wave, instead, the main purpose was simply to maim and to injure fans at the event. photos obtained by whdh in boston showed the area where the bomb was left moments before and moments after the detonation. the fbi is looking at these photos and others like them for clues as to who placed the bombs and when they may have placed them. there is precedent for devices like these. in 2004, the fbi sent out a memo on the use of homemade pressure cooker bombs. al qaeda's online magazine gave instructions for making them just last month. and
on the investigation i'm joined by nbc news national investigative correspondent michael isikoff. a good sunday morning to you, mi michael. what are we hearing about the time line when tsarnaev may be charged and the charges he is facing? >> reporter: well, we could see charges against tsarnaev as early as today. i know that federal prosecutors are were preparing them yesterday. actually, we've been told they might come late yesterday afternoon or even last night. they didn't. so it's possible we may now see them this morning. now what that would consist of is not an actual indictment but a criminal complaint backed up by an affidavit most likely from an fbi agent that should have addition additional details about the evidence that the government hases on tsarnaev, where he bought the parts of the bomb, what actual -- we may learn where he purchased his weapons. other evidence that ties him direct directly to the bombing. and it could illuminate information we've all been looking for about how the bombs were made, when they were made, where they were made. we don't know how much the fbi knows at this p
. older brother, suspect number one was killed last night in a shootout with police. nbc news reports that at that shootout, 200 rounds were exchanged. and before that happened, he and his brother killed a security officer at m.i.t. held a man captive after carjacking him. and severely wounded another police officer. the older brother, tamerlan tsarnaev, was 26. nbc news learned he spent six months last year outside of the country. authorities are still piecing together where he went and what he did during that time. there are many questions tonight. joining me to help answer them is nbc investigative correspondent michael isikoff and former director of the national counterterrorism center michael leiter. and former fbi profiler clint van zandt. let me start with michael leiter. the other day, it seems like a year ago, two, three days ago you, had this sense, professional instinct, if you will, that this killer, one of the two bombers, was a local. tell me how you came to that assessment. >> well, chris, my take -- >> he is a local. >> he is a local and he's got deep ties to boston. a
from al qaeda elements in iran. nbc news has learned from both u.s. and canadian authorities that trains originating in the u.s. were among those scouted as possible targets. the investigation called "operation smooth" has been ongoing for the last year with help from the fbi and u.s. department for homeland security. canadian authorities emphasize the plot was still in its planning stages and the public was never in any imminent danger but the suspects had both the capacity and intent to follow through. officials say there is no connection to these suspects and the boston marathon bombing. >> stephanie, thank you so much. stephanie gosk with that. >>> bill karins joining us now. may is just a week away, but don't tell the snow falling, right? in colorado. >> don't show it. people don't want to see this anymore. >> i've got to do it, my friend. three denver highways closed last night because of icy conditions. more of that is expected this afternoon. into the afternoon, actually. bill karins? >> i want to see people on the beach in california. you wanted to see the snow. >> t
. >> in boston, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, from the streets of boston back to the bay area, we continue our coverage in buringgame, and bay area runners just back from the boston marathon made a special run tonight, didn't they? >> they did, runner's mind, organized a run called a run for boston tonight. and runners say they are hitting the track in honor of the bombing victims, their country and their sport. >> the point is we are out here to remember and to support everyone that was affected by yesterday's event. >> nearly 70 runners gather to run for boston. >> you know, getting together and showing support for your fellow americans. i think it's great. >> after a moment of silence, they are off. running past three pairs of shoes. one for each person killed in the boston marathon bombing. runs for boston have happening across the country. this one is organized by a runner's mind in burlingame. >> i had to come over and see everyone, these guys are my second family. >> for julie jacobs seeing her running family is overwhelming. she just returned from the boston marathon. she was on a bus
would be near impossible. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, jodi. let's bring you up to date. no suspect has been arrested yet. earlier today some news outlets mistakenly reported there had been an arrest. nbc news did not. an 8-year-old girl was friends with the youngest victim of monday's bombing. that must have been a tough day for that little girl. >> reporter: it really was. this was personal. 8-year-oldava grelish lost a friend this week. 8-year-old martin richard was there with his family and he was killed. >> he was very nice and generous. >> reporter:ava tells me tag was their favorite game. this 8 year old texted her father saying she wanted to be there to see the person suspected of being her buddy. >> what kind of feelings were you having? >> mad and scared. >> reporter: explain that to me. >> when i first heard i was mad at him. i don't know who would do that. i don't know what he was thinking at the time but it is really heartbreaking. >> reporter: when you say scared, explain that. >> i was actually shaking and crying at the same time. i was texting my
of its stake in nbc universal, and we have some breaking news, i believe. i'll go to beck owe this. we apparently have breaking news and not sure where we're going for this, but it does -- the affiliate in boston. i take it back. art hogan is standing by at lazard in boston and the events of today have shut down a wide swath of activity and this is not boston, this is not business as usual in boston. at this point about a million point are asked to be sheltering in place where they are by the police. we spoke with art hogan earlier -- >> instead of going to art, the -- those are important -- ibm's down 10 at this point and the futures are now, they were up -- instead of going to art, no offense, but we are now down mostly because of ibm being down ten points after a weak earnings report. microsoft is up a full point after reporting results, but -- we've been watching everything that's happening. >> the fluid story, we thought we had some breaking news. >> we're trying to watch on both points as we approach the opening of the market which is just about 12 minutes away. earlier this morn
both in his own country and in the international community. i want to bring in now, nbc news senior executive producer, investigative unit, richard esposito from new york. richard, first of all you've been coordinating a lot of the breaking developments here, all of the breaking developments and we've been very cautious all along. not to speculate beyond what we know. but what we do now know significantly as roger and david here and secretary ridge are pointing out. is that the older brother did travel outside of the united states. what to your knowledge are they now looking for in terms of any kind of foreign connection to this terror attack here? >> well that's exactly what they're going to start with. is that he did travel. at the moment, we don't know what happened when he traveled. so what will they look for? they will look for the travel pattern. new associates that he might have established while traveling. contact with radicalized individuals that he might have, that might have encouraged his travel even here with radicalized people here. we don't know that these are jihadis
with those new charges filed against dzhokhar tsarnaev. pete william is nbc's chief justice correspondent. pete, we have charges. >> we do. couple things about the charges. both of the two counts filed against dzhokhar tsarnaev could bring the death penalty. they're capital cases. and interestingly as you well know the commonwealth of mt massachusetts does not have the death penalty. if anybody is going to seek the death penalty in this case, it would be the federal charge. we're a long way from there. the attorney general has to decide that. i think he would be the youngest person against whom the government would do that if it did. but it could if it wanted to. in terms of what the evidence shows, according to the fbi, it's partly the photographic evidence and partly the forensic evidence. as for the photographs, they give a long discussion of what they say is a key piece of the evidence from the second bombing scene. and this is taken from the restaurant right in front of where the bomb was placed. and according to this video, you see dzhokhar tsarnaev come into the frame. he's wearing
, justice correspondent for nbc news. clint van zandt, msnbc political analyst, and phillip mudd, former cia analyst, former deputy director of the fbi national security branch. he's author of the book "takedown." i wonder, i know we're filled in this country with strange thinking people, truthers, birthers that have off the wall theories. i don't know how anybody could look at this evidence presented so far and have some other theory of the case besides the indictment, itself. >> no, it's really coming together. i mean, there's -- as terrible as this case is and was, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of heavy lifting. we've got the two primary individuals. it's obvious that they had hands on the devices. the pieces we don't have, chris, are where was their inspiration? where did they get the guidance? who taught them how to build the bombs? >> why is that important? why is that important to -- is that important to prosecuting? i mean, what difference does it make why they did it if they did it? i'm being tough here. when you look at all this evidence -- >> no. >> go ahead. >> no. it's --
the phone. in the newsroom, kimberly tere, nbc bay area news. >> kimberly, thank you. >>> and as kim mentioned, hundreds of people gathered at the boston marathon finish line today to pay their respects. and tomorrow the governor of massachusetts is asking people across the state to observe a moment of silence at the time the first bomb went off, 2:50 in the afternoon. it will be followed by the are ining of the bells in boston and elsewhere in that state as well. stay with us for continuing coverage of the bombing investigation. right now on, there is helicopter video of the moments leading up to the suspect's arrest. >>> new at 11:00, police are investigating a mugging and shooting in rockridge area. it highlights rock rink's problem with violent crime and it's reinvigorating the debate over what to do about it. monte francis is live in oakland with details. monte? >> reporter: good evening. people who live in the rockridge area are used to the occasional break-in or robbery, but they say it's been a number of years since someone has been shot there. still, they say
some of the news coming out of this thing. we'll rely on nbc news. they have a face, joe. they do not have a name. but they have a face of someone who was seen on the video leaving the scene of the crime with a black bag. now, what does that mean? is that a person of interest, they have a face are they trying to get his identity in walk me through how you think or what you think that means. >> what it means is they're taking that piece of video depending upon the nature and quality of the camera that it came from, they're running it through a super computer that has algorithms in it. they're enhancing the face and attempting to make the kind of picture that will make it possible to make an identification. they will make it eventually public and ask people if there is anyone who knows this person. they probably are not very far away from that right now. >> and do you think they're waiting -- one reason the news conference is held back because they're waiting for that, joe? >> i don't believe so. i think what's going on up in boston right now has been a nightmare for federal and loc
-year-old suspects tomorrow. in san jose, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> such an emotional story. thank you. during today's news conference, the pott family also questioned the officials at saratoga high school. after they were cited for misdemeanors in the case last december, they urged the school to expel those students. they removed them from the football team but did not expel them. saratoga high school is on spring break and with he cannot get anyone from the school or district to comment on the family's statements. >>> the debate does continue. should the teenage defendants be tried as adults. we uncovered laws that could prevent it from happening. we don't even know the d.a.'s plans. that story tonight on our 6:30 newscast. >>> to developing weather. very windy outside making for a tough commute across bay area bridges this evening. >> wind gusts topping 50 miles per hour. you see the american flag flying briskly above the rooftop there. meteorologist rob mayeda is tracking the latest from our weather center. >> strongest winds of the day coming in within the last hour. it
as a public memorial and mourning continues here. jay gray, nbc news, boston. >>> an online effort is under way to buy a new boat for the man who first spotted 1-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev holed up in his back year. a bay area podcaster is leading the charge. bob redell talks-of- talked to him today. he's in the newsroom. the question is, why is he so passionate about this? >> reporter: marla, that's what richard bliss does for a living, helps people replace their dreams or recover property. he produces a podcast, teaching people how to harness the internet to raise money for projects and internet ideas. when he heard the boat was riddled with bullets last fry night with the boston bombing suspect hidden inside, he thought why not help fund a new boat for the guy. he set up a web page, podcast his plea. within 48 hours, within that amount of time, he raised $600. >> i was surprised, i got hate mail. i was surprised no deed goes unpunished. part of it was the misunderstanding that somehow i was taking away from the real victims, the victims with horrendous loss. instead, it was, no, this is
device. the ap reporting, nbc news reported other items were found left behind. we have not confirmed whether they were, in fact, explosive or not but we know out of precautionary measures boston police rendered them safe. do we know from boston police whether they have secured an area and are no longer concerned about the presence of secondary explosive devices? >> reporter: we do not know that as of now. there will be a press conference coming up in 30 minutes where we're expected to find out more about that. we know they were treating anything left on the ground, any package as suspicious. as can you imagine, it's a marathon. people are dropping things left and right. then when the explosions happened, they're running away, and dropping whatever is on them so they were treating everything as suspicious. we do believe there was potentially a third incendiary device and that that was safely detonated. there was also a fire at the jfk library but right now it's not clear what caused that fire. they are saying there were no explosions happening at that library. >> nbc's katy tur, thank
are in critical condition. several people required amputations and doctors say more are likely. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams is standing by. i am just reading information that you put in regarding the components of this bomb and what authorities believe was used to make the explosives. what can you tell me? >> they say they were crudely made. that doesn't mean that they weren't powerful and they were. they were made with gunpowder, bbs and ball bearings packed inside a pressure cooker. let me point to a picture from a homeland security bulletin. we're going to get in real tight on these little pots down here. this is what pressure cookers look like. give it a second to focus and see how much tighter we can get. these are what pressure cookers look like in case you haven't seen them. these are rather inexpensive pressure cookers. in case you've not ever dealt with one. a pot with a cover on it that you can make basically air tight and food cooks faster. and then for at least a decade, they've been used to make bombs around the world. so inside is the explosive and the authorities
. video shows is someone setting down a bag near the bomb location. authorities have told nbc news there are solid leads, but no arrest has been made yet. we've heard that now from numerous sources, including the fbi. no one has been specifically identified. we are waiting, however, for a joint news conference in boston at 5:00 p.m., which we believe will be led by the fbi. just a few minutes ago, the fbi released this statement saying, contrary to widespread reporting, there have been no arrests made in connection with the boston marathon attack. over the past day and a half, there have been a number of press reports from unofficial sources that have been inaccurate. since these stories often have unintentional consequences, we ask the media, particularly at this early stage in the investigation, to exercise caution and attempt to verify information through appropriate official channels before reporting. >> and you've seen this back and forth in the market all day, which we will get to in the final hour of trade on this tuesday. but first, things are moving fast into the investiga
'm lester holt, nbc news. >>> i'm mara schiavocampo in new york with break news related to the boston marathon bombing. police say that one of the two suspects has been killed in a shootout with law enforcement. the second suspect remains at large and is armed and dangerous. they are warning the public to use extreme caution going as far as to tell massachusetts residents to stay indoors and to not open their door unless they can confirm that the person on the other side is a police officer. you are looking at the picture of that man. suspect number two, who is at large at this time. police saying, quote, we believe this to be a terrorist. we believe this to be a man who has come to kill people. a number of developments have taken place over the last few hours. this is a very fast-moving story. i want to go now to nbc news correspondent michael isikoff, who is live on the ground in watertown, massachusetts, with the very latest on this developing story. michael, what can you tell us? all right. it appears we don't have michael isikoff ready. but we're looking at video of what happened
's a lot less safe. so hopefully they're through it all. and what we also know, according to nbc news, is that it is just the one person that they're looking for. they thought for a while that they were looking for some accomplices and so on. this doesn't mean that they've caught anybody. it just means that they know who they're looking for, dzhokar tsarnaev, and -- >> tsarnaev. >> thank you maria, tsarnaev. but they're looking for him, and the hope is, the thinking is, and the hope is that he is still here in watertown. >> the thinking in terms of going door to door, scott, i guess it could be either, you know, tsarnaev is holding somebody hostage and hiding in their home or someone's hiding him in their home. they're going door to door in that region, this is like a 20-block radius, correct? >> that's about right. this is a town of about 32,000 people. it's fairly densely populated. so they do have a lot to look for and as we were looking at most of the homes, they're close together, from the areas that we've seen, a lot of single family homes, almost all single family homes. there'
of terrorists. >> nbc news justice correspondent pete williams is live with us right now. i know you've been reviewing these charges. what's the latest on what you've uncovered? >> it is a fairly interesting sequence of things that the government cites here as evidence. first of all they say that there was a surveillance tape that shows what apparently is the second suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev, the man in the hospital, placing the bomb at the second bombing. this is unrelated picture to what i'm talking about now. but this is the person we're talking about. but the surveillance tape was taken at the scene of the second bombing. you may recall that there was a restaurant there called the foreign restaurant. they say a surveillance camera there shows him walking up to the restaurant with his backpack on. that he takes a cell phone off, seems to be using it for a while, then seems to be talking on it. and then after he finishes the call, the first explosion goes off. he can be seen reto it. and i'm wondering if this isn't a little bit of confusion to see the pictures we're showing now. maybe we
chechnya and may have overseas military training. according to reports from nbc and other news outlets. nbc has also reported the suspects are legal permanent residents who had been in the u.s. for about a year and there you can give us a call to share your thoughts and impressions, what you think about this story. the boston globe and the boston herald have been looking at the story, both from a local perspective as well as national and international. we see the boston globe giving us more details of what is believed to have happened thenight and where some of incidents have taken place. police are warning residents in east watertown, massachusetts, to stay in their homes and not answer the door for a less tasty and uniformed police officer outside, because of the manhunt going on in that area. our next call is from fredericksburg, virginia, mary, independents. caller: thanks for taking my call. i did not expect to be on tv so soon. i believe that everybody is a responsible for what is happening in the world. every single one of us. told that gallo asked me what i was confident about, i re
, who did this? and what are authorities doing to find the bombers that did it? nbc news terrorism specialist is next. stay with us. most people think that after an accident, you'll have to pay five hundred bucks for your deductible. the truth? at allstate, you could pay zero. allstate gives you a hundred dollars off your deductible the day you sign up. then another hundred off every year you don't have an accident. let the good hands reward your safe driving with a deductible that goes away. ♪ deductible rewards. one more way you're in good hands with allstate. ♪ [ male announcer ] book ahead and save up to 20 percent at, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy. doubletree by hilton. where the little things mean everything. doubletree by hilton. at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optihow?rs. by building custom security solutions that integrate video, access control, fire and intrusion protection. all backed up with world-class monitoring centers, thousands of qualified technicians, and a personal passion to help protect your business. when
on september 11th, nearly 12 years ago. michael leiter is an nbc news national security analyst. he's the former director of the national counterterrorism center in washington. michael, thanks for joining us. where i'm sitting is about four blocks from the crime scene. but on a area about a block away is being treated as a crime scene. i'm sure investigators have been working into the night and will be working around the clock. what are the first things they're looking for, michael? >> good morning, chris. they're going to do a number of things simultaneously. as you referenced, right around the scene, they're going to secure a fairly wide area. they have to get as much evidence as they can from the actual bomb blast. that's important to understand the type of explosives that were used, how they were detonated. and then, that can be compared against past similar explosions. to try to determine who is responsible. second, they're going to be talking to enormous number of people in the area. what did they see in they're going to be collecting videotape. and all that will be combined w
." and tonight you can say that about boston, too. anne thompson, nbc news, boston. >>> and one more note before we go. it takes something big for this to happen. the yankees and red sox logos side by side right there on the side of yankee stadium in the bronx where tonight the yankees will pause to play the fenway anthem "sweet caroline" as the ultimate show of support for boston. the rivalry takes a break. it will be back. that is our broadcast for this tuesday night from boston. thank you for being here with us. i'm brian williams. we'll look for you back in new york tomorrow night. good night. ♪ >>> it shows that the culture that the issue of safety is something that has not been a priority. >> we investigated, now a state lawmaker is demanding action from the governor. right now at 6:00, the shakeup he's calling for at the california public utilities commission. >>> plus a highly anticipated hearing for the south bay teens accused of sexually assaulting 15-year-old audrie pott. >> frantic moments for a father and son who were at the finish line at the boston marathon when the bomb went of
that pete williams from nbc news was insistent all the way through, that his law enforcement sources, which, of course, are impeccable were saying that there was not a suspect in custody. what was going on yesterday and what continues to go on today is that authorities have pored through the video and pictures have been coming in over the last three days trying to pinpoint exactly where those two packages were placed before they went off. now, authorities do acknowledge to nbc news that they have identified by sight a person who is seen placing either a backpack or a duffel bag on to the ground in the place where the second bomb went off in the moments leading up to that explosion. however, according to nbc news, that person has not been identified by name. they just see him on the tape and are working to identify him. he certainly has not been arrested or put into custody. police continue their work today to try to figure out exactly who that person is. last night, the fbi was planning to have one of their twice daily media briefings around 8:00 local time. that was canceled. and so we're
, that nbc news has learned has been distributed to law enforcement agencies. apparently that video, taken on the official cameras. the surveillance cameras, a local department store. show a man acting suspiciously and dropping a bag in the same area as the second bomb. this is the same place where the local tv station, whdh, had the photographs. one showing what seemed to be almost a garbage bag or grocery store bag. and afterwards, the explosion that went off. there is a manhunt on right now to identify that person in the video. we are told that the company that manufactured is cooperating. they will try to trace where it might have been sold. everything down to the wires that were used. many of them commonly available. less common may be the circuit board that investigators believe they have been used as a timing device. so, all of that is being investigated, trying to be traced, every, single component part. while investigators are still on the scene, even though it has -- they are going over every inch. i wanted to update you quickly, in local hospitals, at least 14 people still in cr
problems will not be solved with more stringent gun laws. live in pal low alto, nbc news. >> thank you. state's exhibit still ahead at 6:00, wait until you hear what is in the forecast for tomorrow. >> temperatures rise five degrees from today. tack on another five, that puts near the 90s for livermore and san jose. san francisco, mid-80s. detailed report after this. >>> a wildfire causes mandatory evacuations in southern california. just ahead, where it's burning and what investigators are saying about how it started. also -- >> every year i'm blown away by the support and participation. >>> thousands pound the pavement in honor of pat tillman. the run that took on even more special meaning this year. >>> hundreds of people gathered in the south bay to rep 15-year-old awe dree pots. friends and classmates came together at saratoga high school last night. she committed suicide after she was allegedly sexually assaulted and photos were spread through text messages and e-mails. friends say she didn't tell them how much the bullying was affecting them. they wish they would have known so t
mcsweeney. we begin with breaking news out of boston where nbc news is reporting the surviving marathon bomber is communicating with investigators with handwritten responses. i don't ca dzhokhar tsarnaev is -- charge may come tomorrow. >> also today many pause to remember the victims and reflect on what has been an overwhelming week in the city. >> jie gray has been following and has the aftermath from boston. >> reporter: they continue to clean out the area inside the crime scene. as more of the city begins to open, many today were drawn here to the area nearest where it happened. sometimes there's a strength in simply being together. >> people are going to have to ban together and be with their loved ones and work through it by talking and feeling. >> hundreds from different faiths gathered near the site, some whose charge was damaged in the attack, some resilient but till on sundays, pausing to reflect. >> it was shock, it was anger, it was sadness because this is our city. you don't hurt our city. >> pictures of the victims an emotional mass at the cathedral of holy cross t
to gribs with a violent attack in the heart of the city. katie davis, nbc news, boston. >>> police officers are searching for evidence. here are people who called in to us to report what they saw. >> we saw smoke, people running hysterically. knocking over the barricades to get off the way. >> you don't know what to do but to ex're get out of there. >> a lot of people on the streets crying. there were a lot of people that obviously saw it. there were a lot of people that didn't, and had no idea what was happening. >> a former army medic said he was inside a building near, and the force of the explosion knocked him to the floor. he got to work treating people until paramedics arrived. >> today's tragedy hit hard, a team from newtown wanted to honor victims of the sandy hook shooting. the runners dedicated each of the 26 miles to the 26 victims. there was a moment of silence, and the newtown seal was placed at the 26 mile mark. all of the runners representing newtown were not injuried in the explosions. >> we are hearing the audio calls. jim henley has more on the chaos and the confusion from
developing story we are monitoring. nbc news has confirmed a letter sent to senator roger wicker was intercepted and initially tested positive for the poison, ricen. pete williams will join us with the latest on this story. but first, while we may not know anything about who attacked the boston marathon yesterday or why, just over 24 hours after the explosion, there is a lot of new information tonight about the devices used in the attack. about to exekt from the investigati investigation. there were two explosive devices which exploded yesterday. no more along the route or city of boston. the devices appear to have consists of explosive and shrapnel put into pressure cookers. they have recovered black nylon bags at the sights of both devices. they are believed to have been used to transport the devices to the scene. what happens next is that every single fragment of bomb material recovered from those sites will be sent to an fbi land in quantico, virginia, where they can be analyzed by the fbi and atf experts and even checked for dna. investigators have launched a major push to s
to our attention. we'll find out. >> nbc news terrorism analyst, great to have you on. >>> joining me now is the congressman with the house homeland security committee. it's good to have you here. i want to talk about whether tsarnaev is going to be charged today. right now as we all understand it he hasn't been read his miranda rights to keep him in a gray area right now whether or not he would be considered an enemy combatant or information that he would be allowing to investigators may not be used against him if he were try to be tried as an american civilian. as i talked there with roger about the fact that congressman peter king over the weekend said the homeland is the battlefield and that times have really changed, what are your thoughts about what the congressman has said about the fbi and that they may have missed red flags and the fact that the homeland is the battlefield? >> as you know, thomas, the fbi conducts thousands of interviews like this. i will say that they do a good job. i would say unless there was some evidence that would lead them to not do something to this indiv
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